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It's a long way off, but if you've got the vaguest inkling that you want to travel for the holidays, now's the time to start thinking about where to go.
Tucked away in the middle of Central America is the picture-perfect nation of Honduras -- a country known for its clear turquoise waters, world-class scuba diving sites, tropical islands and sensational Mayan ruins.
Villa rentals in Provence, favorite pre-trip websites, passport snafus, and further insight from the man behind the Frommer's name.
Most peoples' routes are determined by habit and curiosity, but what if we took free will out of the picture and explore without an agenda? Just take a day (or two, or three) and travel based on a roll of the dice. Would we see things we'd otherwise never see?
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Portland, OR
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Reader's Voice
From mlburns: "I have been trying to plan a trip to Norway and have run into some trouble finding information. My first question is, does anyone know of any glacier hiking companies in Finse?"
From Alina_ga: "We are flying into Portland and driving to Bar Harbor. So far, we are planning a whale watching trip, hiking at Acadia, visiting the local micro brewery, and maybe a sunset cruise."
From getmetoeurope!: "We're planning a trip to Europe for mid-September. Struggling with our itinerary led to a delay in booking our flights and so now we're left to scramble for cheap(ish) tickets."
From MarkC: "I speak little Spanish and I am coming from the midwest. As a first time visitor to this area, I've decided to do an escorted tour, but I don't want to spend hours on a bus."
From angelie128: "I am trying to come up with an itinerary for a road trip on PCH. We are coming from Orange County and would like to go all the way to Santa Cruz on PCH starting from Santa Barbara."

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