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Three fall departure dates take you to the Saronic Gulf Islands for a weeklong, nearly all-inclusive course in history--and relaxation.
Running with the bulls in Pamplona can be expensive if you haven't reserved months in advance for a place to stay. (You don't need any lodgings if you just want to stay up all night.)
Finally: an end to monotony. Frantic for new markets, cruise lines are no longer limiting their U.S. departures to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, San Juan, and New York, but are basing ships in cities along the mid-Atlantic, or in Texas, or San Diego.
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SouthWest is about to start strictly enforcing a rule they've had in place for some time, and it irks me!
Dear Sirs: I have just returned from an Alaska cruise. The trip was wonderful, except for the rain. We were booked on Carnival's Spirit. We flew from Greer, SC, to Anchorage on Delta air line. All was wonderful in the going out and the cruise. There were seven in our party. On our return flight from to Greer via Detroit, we flew Northwest. They charged me $81.00 for extra luggage, the same luggage that we had going out.
Dear Editor, I have read in interest the many letters regarding traveling with film through security check points. My question is if your film is in a protective lead bag in your carry on bags in those countries outside FAA jurisdiction, what is your readers experience regarding still being required to take the film out of the bag and have it X -rayed?
In regard to Cheap Tickets(.com), buyer beware. You may secure bargain air tickets, only comparable to other cut-rate agencies, but if you have the slightest change, you will pay for it BIG TIME.

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