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Desperate please from traveling friends in need are just the latest kind of online scams that can sap your bank accounts and leave you in need. Here's what to look out for.
Paris is filled with wonderful, smaller museums that are not to be missed.
This week's Smart Deal to Prague thinks ahead to fall, when the prices drop precipitously and the summer crowds dissipate.
From grand palaces to modern high rises to modest dim sum carts, we show you what it's like to discover one of the world's most exciting cities.
If you're in New York City this week one of the most original and fun gastro- and gander-worthy events of the year is happening all around the city.
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Cape of Good Hope, South Africa Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
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Reader's Voice
From Jodi_Shaun: "My Husband and I are stopping over in Dubai ... We are looking for a recommendation for somewhere to stay that is reasonably cheap and more particularly has a washing machine and maybe a dryer."
From Colorado Gal: "I plan to travel to England ... with my 71 year old mother. We'd both love to see Cornwall, but as my mom has never been, I'm wondering if we should focus on London, York, Bath and Cotswolds."
From maria11: "I'm planning on 10 nights in Rome (6?) and Florence (4). I'm not sure which one it makes more sense to fly into/out of."
From kfreda: "Will be on Crete for 6 days ... flying in to Chania, hoping to visit Rethymnon, Amari Valley, Phaestos, Lashiti Plain, Ayis Nickolaos, and Iraklion. Is this doable in 6 days?"

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