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It's nice to have the advice of experts, the hardworking members of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW), to give us a head's up on what to remember and not to forget for this summer's vacations.
There are, believe it or not, several really good reasons for visiting the town of Iqaluit: the Iceberg Capital of the World.
Is Cancun lacking in women -- or is Club Med trying to reward American women for triumphing over the trials of their lives?
There's one country where the US dollar still stands proud: Brazil. Check out these great deals to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.
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From Maggiemay: "Most of the inconvenience of this whole mess would have been lessened if JUST ONE Continental employee had been polite, accurate or efficient. A "Sorry" would have gone a long way, instead of treating us like we were a problem."
From Peter Mitchell: "I am looking for a great city where I can not worry about renting a car and just spend a few days walking around....I have been to a few great walking cities in Europe and would like to replicate that feeling here."
From Alli Nymeyer: "I am planning on taking a trip to Europe when I graduate from college with my sister who will have graduated from high school. I am very interested in going to Italy but am not sure of where I should go in Italy."
From J Johnson: "I'm supposed to fly tomorrow (to Toronto of all places!) and I have a mild cold with a cough. I know that I might get some looks from fellow passengers, but I'm a bit worried that some airline employee with no medical background will be quarantining me because I have a cough."
From Kate Silverman: "I just enjoyed a problem free solo visit to Buenos Aires, and I'm wondering if I could do the same in other South American countries."

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