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With its four-night deal to Istanbul, Gate 1 Travel wants travelers to look to the eastern extremes of Europe for deals this summer and fall.
You'd assume that airlines want to get us on the plane as quickly as possible. But nothing could be further from the truth: Generally speaking, airline boarding procedures are as short on logic as they are long.
More than 60 million Americans leave the country each year, so it's statistically certain that a small percentage of them will fall ill while traveling. Here's how to arrive prepared.
The Ancient Romans were prolific builders and imperialists and southern France was one of their favorite stomping grounds. What remains today are some outstanding examples of engineering, town planning, architecture and grandeur.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Pont du Gard
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Reader's Voice
From rolas99: "How much should I budget for meals? I want to be eating in moderate places -- nothing fancy."
From tmac14: "I have heard that the heat may be unbearable or that I may run into monsoons."
From kwietone: "My main interests are the Red Sox and anything that has to do with the city's history."
From Dina1162: "We are staying on Cable Beach, but we will go anywhere recommended to snorkel."
From TESLA: "I'm considering staying in Sorrento and then visiting Pompeii and Positano if time allows."

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