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The lot of the travel agent hasn't been easy of late, what with airlines dropping their commission payments, the general decline in business travel since September 11 and the rush to the Internet on the part of leisure and corporate traveler alike. Many tour operators have formed alliances to achieve efficiency by joint advertising and the like. The results can pay off sometimes in lower prices.
Residents of and near the Big Apple are used to the marvelous Regal Cruise deals out of New York City in summer and fall, starting for one-night cruises to nowhere at just $137, 5-night trips to New England/Canada at $499, or 7-night voyages to the Bahamas from $699.
This summer's best offer to Eire comes from Celtic Tours (888/833-4373, www.celtictours.com) and includes round-trip flights on Aer Lingus.
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I have heard different things from numerous people. I do not speak French, so some have told me NOT to try to speak to the locals in French, but English. Others have told me to TRY to attempt the language. Help!! What should I do?
I've always wanted to go to Easter Island ever since I was a little girl and saw a photo of the large stone statues in a book. My husband and I are planning a trip there for our honeymoon. Does anyone have any recommendations? What is the least expensive way to go there? (from my research I found that LanChile is the only airline that flies there from Santiago, is this true?)
For the first time, I used Hotwire to book a room last Saturday night. I did not book the room until Saturday morning, when I was sure we were able to go out of town to celebrate our anniversary. You have to be a bit of a "risk taker" to use Hotwire.

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