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The prestigious Pacific Delight Tours is giving you an extra day in Shanghai at no increase in price, a good deal if I ever saw one.
There was a terrific response to deals from Cruise Direct that we recommended in an article we published on this site a few weeks back. So we asked them to research similar deals from different ports of departure. The usual ports in Florida (Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, and so forth) are fine for most people, but since September 11, many not only want to stay close to home, but also want to depart from closer to home when they do go out to see the world.
The 73-year-old institution teaches one-to-eight-week courses covering the likes of glassblowing, drawing, weaving, jewelry making, photography, and manuscript illumination.
South America specialist Marnella Tours offers the most complete budget package going to this spellbinding land stolen from the Incas.
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James Asbury -- "In an effort to keep fellow readers of Budget Travel magazine up to date, I would like to share my difficult experience with one of your recommended advertisers: 2Afrika. 1. I requested (all night) bedside electrical outlets at each hotel/lodge to run the C-Pap breathing machine necessary for me to breath at night. This request was made directly to Ken Hieber @ 2Afrika one time in writing and three times verbally. Each occasion I was assured that he, Ken, could be trusted to take care of it. This request was NOT passed to the in-country vendors so I was assigned to a lodge that did not provide electricity at night. I am forever grateful to Vintage African Safaris (the Kenyan in-country vendor) for their emergency response and correction. 2. After three broken promises, my tickets, travel vouchers, and vaccination information arrived 1-1/2 weeks before departure. 3. No reservation had been made for my itinerary at the Airport Sun Intercontinental Hotel when I arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa and tried to check in. I called an emergency number of a local in-country representative and got a room, but the hotel disallowed the included breakfast, and my credit card was billed. Efforts through 2Afrika to get a refund have been very frustrating."
Tim Phillips -- "I just got back 4 days ago from a Pacific Delight trip to Bangkok. Due to the price I paid, I did not expect much from the tour company other than furnishing a hotel. The first surprise occurred when our flight was delayed leaving the US and we had to spend an unexpected night in Tokyo causing us to arrive in Bangkok a day late (and on a different airline)- Pacific Delight's tour guide was at the airport to meet us. Then we were scheduled for a tour the next morning which was included in the price we paid - I was expecting a rinky dink quickie tour of Bangkok and was truly surprised by the quality and length of the tour. I would definitely use Pacific Delight again!!"
D. Roberts -- "Used Cruise Direct Online for a Bermuda Cruise last year. They handled everything and the cruise was great. Checked several agencies including my own at home and they had the best deal."

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