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Some people start their day with a slice of toast. My fiancee prefers oatmeal. But I swear by my silly, sugary cereals. And it's a good thing because for the next year or so, Kellogg's is giving cereal-lovers a chance to go to places where croissants or congee might be more popular, by sticking American Airlines AAdvantage certificates on the back of cereal boxes.
We love it when we meet people who are purely good guys -- they've got no other motive than making people happy through travel. So we can enthusiastically recommend Generous Adventures, a unique travel auction Web site where you get to take trips that support both a small nonprofit business and a rotating crew of worthy charities.
Magical Tibet is one of those destinations most people can only dream of. However, you can visit that once impossible-to-reach land this summer and fall (and next spring, too), with Djoser, that indefatigable purveyor of adventure trips to South and Central Asia, among other places.
One favored stereotype about Bed and Breakfast inns is that they are just for romantic interludes like honeymoons and anniversaries. But they can also be great fun for families looking for a unique way to spend part of the summer holidays.
Malta is almost a secret island, at least to Americans, who rarely go there. To Europeans, however, it's a favorite getaway spot, complete with balmy climate, good beaches, deep blue seas and a long history of welcoming strangers.
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Reader's Voice
From Donna Cuervo: "People should realize that their ticket entitles them to one seat. I've had a lot of experiences lately of people looking very disappointed when I arrived to take my seat."
From Sharon Lee: "I'm taking my 70-year-old mother away from next winter's dreadful snow. She has articifical knees and walks with a cane. A travel agent recommended either going to a resort in Riviera Maya or a Princess cruise."
From Nick Buford: "Denver airport may be the most inefficient in the US. The airport may look impressive, but it is the most inefficiently laid out facility."
From Linda Sparrow: "Our journey to South Africa was a vacation to visit wineries, taste great food, hike and tour the Western Cape."
From Denise Speta: "My husband is teaching a law school class in South Korea for two weeks in August and we will be taking our 2 children (5 1/2 and 8) with us. I am having a hard time finding information on things to do with them."

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