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While there are rafting companies in many states, we've picked a few, geographically scattered deals that seem most promising.
Things are heating up in the desert this summer. There are sizzling deals that will take the sweat out of traveling south. Whether you are going golfing, surveying the Grand Canyon, hugging the Mexican border or want to have a shoot out at the OK Corral, Arizona is a beautiful vacation destination.
Taking advantage of some incredibly low nightly rates, hotel coupons, chain promotional deals, and other savings methods can make you feel good all over, especially though in the wallet area or your pocket book.
It's low season so it's the perfect time to get discounted deals to visit this jewel of South America. We've rounded up some new offers, plus thrown in a few reminders of still-valid sales worthy of note.
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From Bar bar a: "Before my last trip I purchased a new digital camera. At last I had the equipment to take pics of the beautiful lights of Europe. My favorite was taking pictures of fascinating shop windows in Venice. Also, don't forget to take pictures of the beautiful ceilings that are often forgotten. Just place your camera on a table and shoot. If it is off-center, just crop it later."
From syrah girl: "We recently returned from a very nice two day trip to Carmel CA. We stayed at the La Playa Hotel located just two blocks from the beach and walking distance to downtown Carmel. We were very impressed with the grounds and gardens at La Playa, they are just beautiful and very well-attended to."
From robnst1: "It seems that the INS is changing the rules on passports for Carribean cruises. Do I understand it right that after December 31, 2005, anyone returning from a Carribean island must have a passport?"
From Evelyn Ong: "I need some tips from all foodies out there about Japanese food, Tokyo restaurant recommendations for a low to moderate budget and perhaps one particularly spectacular place to go for a splurge."
From Mike Sloderbeck: "Where would be a good place to stay overnight in the Black Forest? Are there any must-sees in this area?"

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