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This summer and fall, take advantage of the topography, geography and enigma that is Scotland by grabbing a low-priced budget travel deal.
Summer and early fall are the best seasons to see the Atlantic coast in all its splendor -- the birds, the whales and the warmer weather make traveling at this time ideal.
New air routes open up magical doors for travelers. Airlines do it to fill consumer demand and make travel to popular places easier and more cost effective for themselves and globetrotters or business people.
There are many travel companies that dedicate themselves to the pursuit of adventurous travel and there are trips available to satisfy most budgets, tastes and travel fantasies.
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From Megan G: "I don't know if there've been other posts regarding cell phone roaming charges, but I thought I'd add my very recent experience. I just learned an expensive lesson. My cell phone bill this month was over $300, up from the usual $60/month."
From ~Caroline~: "I was able to plan a lot of my trip around advice obtained from people on this board, thank you all. Had a wonderful time, travelling solo. I was there for 5.5 days, and managing to squeeze in everything + extra that I wanted to see. To give you an idea of how much you can actually do, read on."
From eagleswingsunltd: "I'm responding with feedback coming back from a 4 day trip to NYC for the first time. My initial thoughts about the people of NYC were a bit concerned. I also wanted to make sure I avoided the streets & neighborhoods where my safety was at risk. My trips purpose was to attend Billy Graham's crusade, and with the remaining time, enjoy all NYC & Manhattan, etc has to see."
From kaybee37: "I have a reservation with a group and I would like to stay over in the last city before returning home. The group ticket won't allow a stopover. However, I thought about staying over anyway by throwing away the last segment of the group ticket and buying a round-trip ticket from the last city home, then throwing away the return portion of that ticket. Can it be done? Are there consequences?"
From Jane B.: "A great topic - overrated, underrated - I always open it right away to see what you've chosen and whether or not I agree. I laughed at the Macy's reference. I moved to NY after 12 years in Alaska and soon went to Macy's for a yellow blouse. Mama Mia! I just sat down and stared at a city block of blouses. Then I went home."

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