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You've probably heard of Delta, United and British Airways. But what about Caribbean Star, NAYSA or Wideroe? There are hundreds of airlines in the world, and you may find yourself stuck wondering whether the mysterious foreign jet you're flying to your vacation destination is comfortable or even safe.
hanks to the filming of the Lord of the Rings there, New Zealand is now promoting itself as "Middle Earth," much as Salzburg has been pitching The Sound of Music for decades now, having shoved poor old Mozart's birthplace aside in the stampede for tourist dollars. But who can begrudge New Zealand's trendy moniker when you can go there for the real reasons to see some of the world's most gorgeous scenery and meet a few of its nicest people.
The SARS scare in Asia has been declared officially dead by the World Health Organization (and our own Centers for Disease Control), and it's safe once again to visit some of the most beautiful and exciting places on earth.
Cheese does not come from the supermarket. Flowers don't come from the florist. And paper does not come from Staples. But if you're from a big city, you've probably never seen how these things are really made. If you're taking a trip to Quebec or Canada's Atlantic provinces, now you can see how people used to make things.
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From Janet Schatz: "First time to Europe, Any thoughts....my husband and I would like to see nieces studying abroad this fall - one will be near Barcelona and the other in Rome."
From Colleen Goidel: "My husband, two teenagers and I have three days to see the Grand Canyon, traveling by car from Las Vegas. Any opinions on this itinerary? We don't have much time but want to make the most of our short stay in Northern Arizona. Thanks."
From kEN nOBLE: "Just found my notes from a Nov. 2002 trip to Antigua. Arriving at airport, there was a long delay at immigration due to a scarcity of workers. Stayed at the Royal Antiguan. Worth it to get a room with a water view, they are larger. Room did not have a safe or a hair dryer. Very nice beach (local merchants but they weren't annoying) and a nice pool. The beach has a bar, volleyball nets and a guy called "Mr. Beach" who is most entertaining."
From John Knight: "My wife and I are thinking about going to Hong Kong New Year. From December 28-January 4. We would like to include a day in Macau. Is this a good time of the year to go or would it be too crowded and would attractions be closed?"
From Keenan Pawley: "I'll be travelling to London in the next few weeks and want some info about the customs/security situation at Heathrow. Last time I was there (late 80's) moving thru customs was a breeze. But times, I'm sure, have changed. What should I anticipate?"

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