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As we reported recently, the "green season" in Costa Rica is the best time for discounts. Sure, it's rainy, but the rain usually falls only a few hours a day. In exchange, travelers to Costa Rica during the rainy season find rock-bottom fares and negotiable hotel rates.
Fall fares to Hawaii are now officially absurd. Yeah, sure, Hawaiian Airlines has $278 specials from LA to Honolulu pretty frequently. That still didn't prepare us for their current $248 fare ($263.69 with tax) from LA to Honolulu, available for a wide range of dates. This fare beats others we've seen by $150.
Frommer's heads north to the Green Mountain State, where Burlington and Stowe offer not only a laid back lifestyle, but picturesque surroundings.
Frommer's keeps you up-to-date on the latest happenings in the Caribbean including new hotels, new local air routes, the best in dining and more.
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From Lisa R.P.: "Early in May we took a trip to Paris from Dallas. The plane was late boarding; we were told -- after quite a wait -- that we would have to change planes. The reason: the toilet was leaking. Two hours passed, and we were waiting our turn on the runway only to find out that we were going to be delayed again because of weather in the northeast. So we flew to Florida and then north to Boston. Just in time to miss our Paris connection. When we disembarked from our plane there were American Airline employees shouting for us to hurry to the next counter so we could go to London. I cannot tell you how rudely these AA staff talked to us."
From Mrs. Rudolph: "I never thought twice about this until I was traveling with a friend who was shocked and horrified that I would actually sit and bath in a hotel tub. Is it really such a bad thing?"
From reneeautumn: "I'm finishing up my six weeks in Europe, May to end of June. Here's what I packed:"
From Neil Sondov: "London is very expensive and the current exchange rate does not help. To keep budgeting simple, figure 2 dollars for every pound. Therefore, things like the 27 pound admission to the tower of London for two are 54 bucks. St. Paul's at 7 pounds a throw is 14 bucks for two. Dining and lodging are expensive also. However, there is also so much to do for free: The museums, the parks, walking along the Thames. Research and budget accordingly."
From Denise Christiansen: "I just returned from a 22-day Peruvian adventure with a 5-day extension to the Amazon with Rutahsa Adventures. I highly recommend Rutahsa Adventures for your South American travels. Their itinerary was fabulous, We experienced sites that most travel companies don't even know exist. I will defintely travel with Rutahsa again."

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