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Traveling by train is one of the great joys of traveling through Europe, but it can quickly become costly. Railpasses are great, but there's another way to save big bucks on European trains: by booking individual tickets well in advance, directly through European rail operators' websites.
Taking their cue from cruise lines, but with a high-tech twist, two airlines have now taken the plunge and are offering foreign language classes whilst you fly.
From Kennebunkport to Bar Harbor and lobsters, a Maine vacation means good eats, fun, scenic rides and superb islands.
Travelers come to revisit Paris's glorious past, as reflected in its art and architecture, but they are also intrigued by The City of Light's cutting edge in cuisine, style, and fashion. Here are some of the latest developments in an ever-changing world metropolis.
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From bhj: "Anyone out there been to a cooking schoolin the Piedmont or Tuscany regions in Italy? How about the Provence area in France?"
From Lucy05: "Any suggestions for an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean? We'd like an adult-only property that's on the beach with shopping nearby (and maybe a casino)? The time frame is around Christmas time. Thanks!"
From CAB: "I was in NOLA June 3 through June 11 and had a great time. This was my first trip to NOLA, and this is my first trip report. For those of you who have hesitated to travel alone I was traveling alone and I encourage you to do the same."
From Trixiebee: "My uncle died in the Vietnam war from a land mine near a very small village. My husband and I are traveling to the area next year, and I would like to 'do' something, in memory of his duty there. I have visions of hiring a guide to take us to the area and just meet and talk with the people of this village. I'm sure not a soul would have known him, remember it, etc. but I would like to see the other side of this pain, to learn about what they went through. Is this unrealistic?"
From breeski: "We just returned from a fabulous 2 weeks in NZ with our teenage boys ages 14 and 17. Many of the folks who use this site were very helpful with tips for us in planning our trip. Thought I'd add a brief trip report for others travelling with teens."

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