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There's almost nothing hotels will not do to get your business. They'll add on amenities, offer free chocolates, or strew the bedspread with rose petals. On occasion, they will even do what was once unthinkable -- lowering prices in high season.
No-wheels, two wheels or four-wheels, you'll find plenty of bargains just south of the border. The best bargains run through December 20, when prices spike as peak season begins. We found some decent packages for points across the country, plus special bike tours and golf holidays.
If you've been procrastinating on getting out of town for the holiday weekend, American Airlines has a deal you might not be able to refuse. Head out to Chicago, where the Taste of Chicago food festival is going on, for a pittance on the spur of the moment. You don't even have to ask for any days off from work.
Under heavy pressure from Southwest in Philadelphia and Independence Air in DC, the financially struggling airline has recently introduced low, everyday "Go Fares" on many routes to and from Philly and DC.
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St. Thomas
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Reader's Voice
From Karen Lundy: "Any suggestions how to make sure we are dealing with a reputable condo owner when booking vacation properties online?"
From Brandy A.: "Last month I was headed to California out of Richmond, Virginia. Someone else had purchased my tickets via hotwire.com (1st for me). I was scheduled to fly to Minneapolis with Northwest but was informed of a delay due to weather. Instead I flew Continental to Houston then to Ontario, California. I have flown a few other airlines (Delta, United, American), but never have I experienced such wonderful service than I had with Continental."
From Kenster: "I just returned yesterday from a week's stay at Azulik. I cannot adequately express how terrific this place it. I have often expressed high regard for the neighboring Cabanas Copal, after having stayed there on three previous trips. While Copal will always have a special place in my heart, well, Azulik was near perfection. The villas, themselves are outstanding. I was assigned to #10, which sat high on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea and was only a few steps from a great beach."
From Margy2: "I am writing this from Hanoi after a hellish night. We spent 2 hours in a police station after one of the Van Xuan II employees threatened my husband. We checked into the Van Xuan 2 in Luong Ngoc Quyen yesterday morning after waiting 1¿ hours for the room in the morning. We waited this long as they told us they had a DVD player and after a trip back from climbing Fan Si Pan (so wet and slippery) this was exactly what we needed. My husband established that this was in the cost of the room."
From Liz Zappitello: "I had business in Cyprus. I could not stand the thought of being so close to Egypt and not going there, even if we had such a very short time. We definitely plan to go back for a extended visit. Initially my husband was quite nervous due to the Middle East situation. However, Cairo turned out to be his favorite place on the entire trip (we visited Cyprus and Athens as well). We did not book through a tour group, so I made all of our own flight arrangements and hotel reservations by Internet and telephone. I read guidebooks and, of course, the Frommers.com Message Boards before we left."

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