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Because of a missed connection, our reader has to spring for socks and toiletries. After a promise to cover the cost, Frontier balks at a refund. What's going on?
Stay closer to the U.S. this week with special offers to Hawaii, the Caribbean, and three domestic destinations.
We know gas price are high. We know that food prices are high. But vacationing at home is an oxymoron and does a real disservice to the benefits you receive by getting the heck out of Dodge.
Summer means hot sunny days, plenty of partying and adrenalin-racing action, especially if you'll be hitting the speedways around the country to watch NASCAR, the United State's largest spectator sport.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Sea Life Park, Hawaii
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Reader's Voice
From jc888: "Some people say it will be too cold to enjoy the tourist spots. Others say to just dress warmly and everything will be great."
From dthf90210: "I will be taking a pay cut to do this, so the cost of living should be such that someone who teaches English can afford to live there. What specific cities do you recommend, and why?"
From twelveoaks: "We like to stay in four star-type resorts that are either all-inclusive or offer a meal and drink package. We also want a clean beach, like Ixtapa."
From Amphitrite: "We will be going to Nikko for one day, but for our overnight excursion, which do you think would be more interesting?"
From cfp1127: "We are from Chicago, and my wife likes being near all the conveniences and amenities -- a true city girl."

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