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G'day mate! Discount packager Discover Wholesale Travel is offering three different deals to the Land of Oz, each starting at just under a grand, but offering different options of hotels and car rentals (one for only an additional $2!)
Cooperstown (where in 1839 Abner Doubleday invented the game of baseball, it's claimed) likes to call itself "America's Most Perfect Village," and many who have gone there find that title difficult to dispute. Now, people in East Coast metropolitan areas (and elsewhere) can avail themselves of modestly-priced getaway packages from NY-State-based Empress Travel starting as low as $227, or even from $82 if you drive yourself there.
One of the longest-serving Greek-oriented tour operators in the USA, Homeric is still coming up with new editions of hard-to-beat packages that its customers have raved about it the past.
Some travel industry observers feel Dallas is not old-fashioned enough to be a valid target for lovers of the Old West. One thing Dallas can't provide is the dusty streets, wooden sidewalks and saloon swinging doors of a gunfighter movie. What it can offer is a splendid collection of museums, marvelous restaurants and fine shopping opportunities, to mention only three of its prime appeals.
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From Deborah Sutliff: "I'm going to a dude ranch (Eaton's in WY) for the first time--always wanted to be a cowboy for a day, but don't know what to expect. While not exactly a city slicker, I am a suburbanite, and I need advice!"
From Ron Wogulis: "I visited Iguazu Falls in June 2002 and used the services of STTC Turismo Ltda., www.sttcturismo.com.br and was guided by Virginia De Oliveira (virginia@fnn.net). She was an excellent guide and helpful above and beyond when flights were cancelled and needed help with lodging and transportation."
From Roger Annis: "Anyone with recent cycling experience in New Zealand? I am planning a lengthy cycling tour, top to bottom, in 2002 or 2003 and would be interested in helpful advice. I will be hauling a Bob trailer with camping gear. Plan to camp and hostel. I have traveled twice to NZ and driven the highways. Looks safe enough to me."
From Nelson Taylor: "I am a journalist and author doing research for a project that might turn into a book. Here¿s hoping you¿ll be able to help. What I am looking for are existing examples of American destinations, info about living people or stories that are connected to Greyhound¿s collective history, be they direct or indirect, serious or quirky. Some examples might include historic bus stations (for whatever reason); unique personal accounts; stories about Greyhound¿s role in the development of this country;"

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