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While we're out enjoying our holiday break, we hope you enjoy these previously published columns and readers' comments from the Frommers.com Newsletters.
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Asking travel editors about our favorite travel experiences is like asking music lovers about their favorite album or film buffs about their favorite flick. These are the trips we'd suggest to you if you sat next to one of us on a plane and we swapped travel stories -- experiences that are still fresh in our minds.
Because travel experiences, even in the most revered locales, are never the peaches and cream you're promised in the brochure . . .
Look to Europe ASAP for one of the best-priced deals on the market currently for fall and winter travel to "the boot."
Cruises here are anywhere from one to three weeks, plus many offer optional pre- and post-cruise land packages so you can go further inland to famed places like the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China and Angkor Wat, the ancient city of temples in central Cambodia.
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Reader's Voice
From kenoking: "We booked four airline tickets on Orbitz for an Air Tran flight. Because two of the passengers had to go to the ER for illness, we had to cancel the trip. Air Tran did not charge us a penalty, but Orbitz socked it to us. After a hassle about returning the tickets and booking new flights, they tacked on charges of $341.95. I complained, but they said that's the way it is."
From suesue25: "My daughter and I will be in LA. I been told by several people I should rent a car to get around. My problem is I have never been to LA, and I am from a small town. Is it worth it to rent a car? Will it be more frustrating to navigate the streets than to use metro system?"
From krisleigh: "I have no idea what to do. I've got some people telling me to buy a Eurail pass here in the states before I leave and some telling me to buy individual tickets once I get to the train station when I want to go to a different country. I'm leaving in less than 2 weeks! I'm planning on traveling around many parts of France, Spain, England and Italy. Is it better to buy a pass here?"
From jxlot: "Hello, I was wondering if anyone here knew of any volunteer opportunities helping out children in South Africa. I would love to go there to go on a safari, see Victoria Falls (I wonder if bungee jumping is available there like on the Amazing Race) and volunteer my time for the children. Any information is truly appreciated."
From norbrad393: "I am surprised that more people do not go to the ruins of El Tajin in northern Vera Cruz. If you want to feel like you are in the Far East without a 19-hour plane ride, go to El Tajin. It is a large ruin and unique in almost every way."

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