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So you're a small, low-fare airline who wants to compete for business travelers against the big boys. You come up with your own frequent-flyer program, but it doesn't solve the problem that United Airlines frequent fliers can go to Tokyo or Shanghai, but your guys can only get as far as Atlanta or LA. What's the solution? Offer to buy your customers tickets on other airlines.
Even with the focus this summer on domestic travel, South America, and Europe as favorite destinations, Asia refuses to be forgotten. Despite a rapidly improving economy in East and Southeast Asia, there are still plenty of travel bargains to be found in the area. Here are a few.
The carrier is starting seven daily round-trips to Fort Lauderdale from LaGuardia in September -- tickets are on sale now for $158. But does the borough of Queens need a different JetBlue option?
Even though it's winter in the Southern Hemisphere, Argentina is one hot destination right now. Why, you ask? It's cheap, cheap, cheap! If there ever was a time to visit this South American country, it is right now.
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The Warriors at X'ian
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Reader's Voice
From sonia bubar: "I am a fairly experienced traveler who prefers to travel to travel on her own, rather than with a group. I would love to spend about a month in India and am wondering if I can do it on my own. Others who have been to India have told me I must take a tour, but I am hoping you might have some suggestion of how I can tour the country without joining an all-inclusive tour. Thank you in advance."
From Lionel Miles: "My brother-in-law and his wife came from South Africa to visit us in Arizona and then visit other relatives in Canada. While in Canada he had what doctor's said was a stroke and needed to return to South Africa immediately. He was not able to return to Arizona for the rest of his vacation, but, when he asked British Airways to honor the doctor's diagnosis and grant a new flight schedule or a refund, he was summarily turned down. It cost him an immense amount of money to buy another ticket home. Surely British Airways could be a little compassionate under such circumstances. Letters to the airlines resulted in no change in this plan. I go to England often but I will never travel with this airline again. Others of you, be careful when you buy passage with British Airways."
From vtsailor: "I hope USAirways survives. They saved our weekend last week. We were flying Burlington VT to Tallahassee for a wedding using United frequent flyer tickets which included a final leg on USAirways. At Dulles, the United plane actually went back to the gate to get left luggage (!) so we lost our takeoff slot and sat for almost an hour before leaving, which of course seriously impacted our Charlotte-Tallahassee connection. We went tearing down the concourse (with our luggage) and the nice folks at USAirways re-opened the gate for us."
From Maurine Houser: "I was married in Belize in February 2004. My husband would not wear Deet during our jungle visits. In April, he began experiencing pain on the outside of his ear which festered and began to ooze profusely. We saw five doctors, and he underwent treatment for an 'unknown condition.' Finally, they decided to biopsy his ear and the pathologist diagnosed him with Leishmania, which is a parasite contracted via the bite of a sandfly. He is currently undergoing 21 days of IV drugs which can only be approved by the Center for Disease Control. Everyone please use DEET."
From Wendy E: "Most of the NY posts seem to be about NYC but we are doing a car trip soon from Maine to visit the area around Poughkeepsie and would love to visit Val Kil, Eleanor Roosevelt's home and the Culinary Inst. - also may like a boat ride on the river. Any suggestions of places to stay that impressed you would be helpful. We may fit in a trip to one of the vinyards as well."

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