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The city's beauty, architecture and charm are unrivaled, and you can often experience its finest cultural offerings for relatively little money. We have found some summer specials and although we've also listed some fall deals, it's smart to think ahead, as these specials won't be available forever.
Even when they want to get away from it all, it seems that most people just can't disconnect from their wireless devices. Look around any airport gate lounge and you will see them, the communications addicts, tapping away at their lap tops and speaking a little too loudly on their cell phones.
The South Pacific Ocean is a haven to some of the most picturesque and romantic islands in the world, but beyond the gentle shores of the well-known paradise locations are dozens of tiny island nations who offer warm Pacific hospitality and a more intimate vacation option.
Time was the U.S. Virgin Islands was so upscale that only the rich and famous could frolic on its shores and enjoy its lush lands. Now, St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John are not only affordable and accessible, they're also close enough for weekend getaways.
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From jwhite: "My 13 yr. old son and 10 yr. old daughter would like to swim with dolphins when in Oahu."
From Holly1152: "I have friends coming to town for three days and the husband wants to see the desert. Since it's so hot during the day we thought a night time outing would be great."
From suzyq_100@yahoo.com: "We are planning a trip to the Cancun area in early November. Ideally we'd like to stay in an area that's not too crowded, but has good access to diving, snorkeling and trips to the ruins."
From suttonj: "I take many pills - some prescriptions, some not, and I generally put them in one of those plastic boxes with compartments."
From Murph: "I will be traveling to Brisbane in mid-August from Richmond, Virginia, and was wondering what to expect weather-wise."

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