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To demonstrate where you can get the most bang for your buck, this monthly index compares the costs of common consumer goods around the globe.
While nearly every moment spent in New York far outweighs any travel difficulties, breaks from the heat that don't cost an arm and a leg (or anything at all) can be found all over the city.
These lowcost packages will put you in the middle of the Disney action.
The sun might be beating down in the steamy capital, but most of the politicians have gone home while the legislature is in recess, making it one of the better times to visit.
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San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Reader's Voice
From Ceenie: "My brother-in-law suggested taking a pub tour while in Charleston. Anyone have any info on this I could check out? What pubs shouldn't I miss?
From aucho53: "I am a student who has been looking at all the possible accommodations in Cambodia as well prices of restaurants, excursions etc. I have seen the prices of rooms range from $3/night to $300/night. If I want to stay on a very low budget but still be safe what should I look at spending? Many of the hostels and guesthouses in the $9-$16/night price range looked basic yet clean and liveable. Are they so cheap for any particular reason?"
From LaPharaonDeFille: "I'm looking for a female traveling buddy as my accomplice on a stereotypical college-student backpacking tour of Europe next year. Are there any good ways of matching someone for this? Thanks to all who respond."
From Kathy Desmond: "We just returned from 12 night stay in June 2005, at the Delfin Amor eco lodge on the Oso Peninsula. The weather was great with only one afternoon of torrential rain which we enjoyed to cool things off and we also had never experienced that kind of rain before! Cold water showers and no fans here. Very hot and humid with no breeze at all. Tons of wildlife in this area."
From uncil: "I am looking to go to Fiji sometime in '06. Does anyone have any ideas on where to stay? What time of year is best to go? I am not looking for something expensive but not too cheap either -- no hostels! Should I stay on a resort or should I stay in someone's home? I have seen many homes for rent that look lovely. Any help would be great! Thanks!"

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