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The US government has been making it steadily more expensive and difficult for some foreign tourists to get into the US, causing a wave of tit-for-tat fee-raising which has made it more expensive for Americans to travel overseas.
If you like warm weather, Florida is the right place to be in summer. But most travelers crowd into the Sunshine State throughout the other three seasons of the year, leaving hotel owners scrambling for bargains to attract anyone during July, August and September.
Prices for travel packages to Asia have not yet begun to rise from the depths to which they plummeted during the spring, so it's still a great time to take advantage of some outstanding offers from reliable operators, such as Japan Air Lines.
Some airports are still suffering from long security lines, and the blame game has devolved into vocal finger-pointing between the Transportation Security Administration on one side and airlines and airport authorities on the other.
It's taken a while, but the stodgiest of New England's historic museums have finally come up with a winner: Driving Tours, with 25%-off admission coupons at their eight museums.
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Reader's Voice
From rachel219: "Just returned from 11 days in Hawaii, and had a fabulous time. Just some words of wisdom for those planning to do the sunrise bike down at Haleakala. Do not book with Maui Downhill. They were "starred" in Frommer's, but Maui Revealed mentioned others that might be better. We figured it was a toss-up amongst the various downhill companies, so we stuck with Maui Downhill. Here's a (hopefully) brief synopsis of our experience:"
From Eileen McDermott: "Not so much a discussion but more like a warning. We had booked the Mendenhall Glacier tour out of Juneau at a cost of $34 per person with Port Promotions -- I believe this was a Frommer's recommendation since we generally go by what he says. Here's our differing experience with the company."
From P. Thomas: "My husband and I and our two children, a daughter age 10 and and a son age 14, recently returned from 17 days on our own in Australia, including Sydney, northen Queensland, Darwin/Kakadu National Park, Bondi Beach. Here are our suggestions for do¿s and don¿ts for families (and others!) based on our experiences:"
From Hans Bernardus Combrink: "Frommer`s does not reflect a pleasant image at all by giving biased descriptions as the one done on the Strijdom monument. It really shows very, very bad taste!! Very few people knows anything about the man Hans Strijdom and i honestly think whoever made the brave description of how ugly the man and his bust is, will be ashame whenever having the opportunity to obtain knowledge of what type of person he was."
From William Ramsey: "Good day to everyone. I recently made a trip to Vienna and Prague with the assurance from my cell phone service (Cingular) that my phone would work in those places. It didn't. Finally I located a phone booth in Prague which had an 800 number to allow the use of your credit card to make a call. It worked. I made immediate contact with operator and proceeded to call my 82 year old mother just to check up on her. We spoke for 5 minutes. The American Express bill arrived with the charges 44¿ for those 5 minutes."

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