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The Breeze, also known as the Spirit of Ontario, is the culmination of a 30-year dream on the part of the city of Rochester, otherwise best known as the home of Kodak and the gateway to the Finger Lakes wine country.
Thick-leaved trees bend over the Erie Canal nowadays, making it look more like a Louisiana byway than the avenue of industry it once was. Villages cling to the canal's cozy sides, and wandering the towpath in the sparkling light lets you peer into backyards and check out private docks, without much of anywhere to be at any particular time.
If you want to shell out big bucks and go to the Olympics, there is still time and, yes, rooms aplenty (last reports stated that over 5,000 rooms were still available). As is often the case with The Games, speculators early on buy up big blocks of hotel rooms to resell exorbitant rates. When that doesn't work for every room, howevere, they're stuck with unsold hotel units and begin selling them off cheaply at the last minute. What we can suggest, however, is visiting Athens and the rest of Greece after the games (August 13-29, 2004), when prices will definitely be lower.
When folks in the Pacific Northwest, particularly in the Seattle-Tacoma area, want to escape for a weekend, they think often of Whidbey Island, just a short drive away.
Here's some of the best deals a handful of major travel agencies are advertising this week.
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Visit Greece after the Olympics
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From Terri Ward: "Is everyone aware of the policies of B&B's? I'll never book one again! Not only do you have to pay for 1/2 your stay in advance, but there are no changes. You will have to pay for the entire reservation no matter what, even if you hate the place! We booked two nights at the Atlantic House in Ocean City, MD. Our room was very small with only a window air conditioner & the house was on the main drag. It was so noisy I couldn't sleep most of the night. I felt terrible the next day & told the owners we had to leave so I could get a good nights sleep because we had meetings the following two days. They said we would have to pay for the next night anyway. The "full breakfast" was very cheap & right in the foyer of the house. It consisted of sweet rolls, sausage links and egg stuff with cheese. No fruit, nothing for health-conscious people. We travel a lot and I thought a B&B would be a nice relaxed change; boy, was I wrong! I'm sure there are some good ones out there, but I'd make sure I had all the details and a good reference from someone who'd been there. Make sure to check out all the policies!"
From Linda Overholt: "Having read comments about US Airway's shaky financial future on the Frommer's Newletter today, I am wondering about a ticket I purchased recently for my mother-in-law. She will be traveling LAX-Pensacola for two weeks in December, flying through Charlotte. I bought the ticket from United, but it is a US Airways codeshare. What might happen to codeshares in the event of US Airways folding? I bought it online and paid with a credit card -- does that make any difference?"
From DesertDrmr: "We have been loyal United passengers for 25 years. My husband is premier executive class almost every year and is a million miler with United. Now, because we live in a 'vacation' city, United has replaced all United flights with Ted flights. We have been told that this will occur in all 'vacation' cities. My husband enjoyed using his e upgrades on his way home from long business trips, and using his hard won miles for upgraded vacation trips. He can no longer use either of these rewards on any flight into or out of our home city. He is now flying American. Does anyone else have this situation in their city yet?"
From Debbie Glenn: "Here is a fantastic web site for those seeking any kind of tip you can imagine on visiting Walt Disney World: www.disboards.com. Can readers recommend any others? Thanks!"
From TStaut: "Never thought I'd have to worry about getting in to Mexico -- however, I have recently had to cancel our honeymoon to Costa Rica after finding out the birth certificate I've been using my whole life was issued by the hospital, not the state. I can't get the right certificate in time to travel because I was born in Puerto Rico, and they're horribly slow with the paperwork. Can anyone tell me what was required? I've been to Matomoros before, and the only thing I ever needed was a driver's license. I'm worried it will be a different story getting on a plane though. Need help figuring out exactly what honeymoon options I have left. Thanks for any help."

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