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As the lyric goes, Toronto just might find that it will indeed gets what it needs. On July 30th, The Rolling Stones and other big name acts rock into town at the city's Downsview Park to invigorate the city's tourism and economy.
As the nation swelters, airlines are beginning to look forward to the cool breezes of fall. Autumn tends to waft in lower airfares for everyone, and at the moment, scrappy little airline Spirit is offering some of the lowest.
A giant noodle-bowl full of airlines, hotels and tour operators are kicking down the kitchen doors to make one enticing summer full of deals. Over 20 different bargain-priced air and hotel packages are available for traveling pairs from July 13 through September 15, but the booking windows are limited; depending upon the company, you will have to have your trip reserved and paid for by July 18 at the earliest, July 31 at the latest
If you're willing to jump onboard and see one of these babies home by July 21, you can ride 'er for a mere $15 a day for the first five days, and then 50% off the regular daily rate afterwards. (50% off means at least $60 per day, depending on the size of your ride.)
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Rock Out in Toronto on July 30!
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Reader's Voice
From Mimi Gonow: "I read the Frommer's article on what others think of America and Americans. I think traveling is the same as ever. If you respect others, attempt to speak their language and are outgoing, they respond and think better of all Americans because they know you. I hope people keep traveling and remember they are ambassadors of our country just as much as an official ambassador."
From Evelyn Wood: "I just returned from Chicago on United. Despite the luggage size restrictions, I observed people boarding with three pieces of luggage, needing help to haul them up to the overhead bin. I was hit once with an elbow and once with bag that someone needed to get down during a flight. Am I the only one who thinks that this smaller carry on policy is a good thing? I welcome a seat where I can safely book a aisle seat without fear of a head injury."
From Cecilia Lee: "I would like to take advantage of Cathay Pacific's All Asia Pass, but I can't decide where to go. I'd rather not go crazy trying to visit 17 cities all at once. I have to go to Seoul anyways to do research, and I definitely want to put Hong Kong and Tokyo on the itinerary. But can anyone recommend where else to go?"
From Dan Ferreira: "I have had problems with a travel agent that I purchased an Apple vacation from. Is there a board or agency that I can report them to?"
From Clem Montagna: "My wife and I have taken over 35 cruises, so we thought we had seen it all. We booked the Norwegian Majesty out of Charleston. The local travel agent gave us a price that couldn't be matched on the Web. We booked a room and gave her a deposit. When our credit card bill came the begining of July there was both a debit and a credit for the deposit entered by NCL."

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