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True budget carriers continue to keep prices down, to the potential detriment of financially hobbled lines like USAir and United. Here are a couple of good examples of what we're talking about
As the time for the 2004 Olympics fast approaches (the opening ceremony is on August 13), Frommer's updates you on the latest information about tickets, accommodations, museums and more.
I've let down Tony Bennett. I went to San Francisco, but left with my heart intact. It's a beautiful city, though not quite the paradise described by those who tend to wax enthusiastic over its charms while overlooking its faults.
Cell phones can be tremendously helpful on international trips, especially when you can come by them inexpensively.
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The fog rolls in over the Golden Gate Bridge
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Reader's Voice
From Lisa Goldberg: "We just returned from a 2-week stay in Kauai. I'd like to share my opinion on the following activities."
From Melissa Joy: "I thought it would be fun to see what everyone would say. My family loved Giolitti's in Rome because it is just a big barrel of fun. While Vivoli's in Florence had the most gourmet chocolate flavors, it felt more like an upscale boutique sort of place; Vivoli's scoops are smaller and more expensive than else-where. I vote for Giolitti's as the best gelato in Italy."
From Michelle Moran: "I'm curious about the practice of routinely overbooking flights. I flew Lufthansa to Frankfurt. As I arrived early I was also present for the boarding of the flight prior to mine also to Frankfurt. On both of these flights, as well as the return flights out of Munich, more than a dozen passengers were denied seats in spite of reservations due to overbooking. (Fortunately I was not one of them althought came close as I was given a seat only 5 minutes prior to boarding ending.) The fact that 4 flights were that seriously overbooked makes it seem like a deliberate practice. Is this a common practice for airlines and is there any way to protect yourself from being bumped?"
From occidentaltourist: "Every time I see a posting for a 40-60+ traveling companion, there are many responses over months. Is it possible to form a long-distance community of these women for a small travel group? If there are enough responses, we could work out the details later. This group would give us company (no dreaded single supplement either), the ability for several members to search out 'deals' and the possibility of traveling to areas more remote than any of us would chance as single travelers. Currently the womens travel groups on the net seem to be offering travel in a high price range. We would do it as budget travel."
From bsnave: "We would like to take our fathers to see the WWII Memorial this summer. Both are vets and have difficulty walking. Any tips on which hotels would be closest to the memorial? Any other suggestions?"

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