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What better time for the sports-loving editors at Frommer's to step up to the plate and single out a few of our favorite sporting events from across the globe. Know that one of the best ways for travelers to break the ice with local populations is to bond with them at a local sports bar or stadium.
Londoners are getting back to business-as-usual following the tragic events of July 7th. Visitors are still flocking to the city and its many attractions after an initial 30% drop in tourist arrivals immediately following the attacks. Summer is the busiest time for tourism in London, and this one is no exception.
We've corralled together these resources, deals, and packages, designed to get you out to enjoy the seasonal splendor and spectrum of color that is fall. And, in order to do justice to the entire country, we're breaking this report into two sections: New England and Northeast -- then everywhere else.
For end of summer or fall travel, India is an exciting option for people looking for something exotic and pungent.
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From foxycruiser: "I am a single woman who travels a lot. I know better than to have put this off until the last minute but here I am, leaving for Bali in a week and I have no itinerary. I'm staying in Sanur (home exchange) and want to visit the other islands, too. Would deeply appreciate some ideas on cities you recommend, ie. Ubud and for how long. I have 30 days to enjoy my visit."
From golondon: "I will be touring Italy in October and want to fly from Rome to Valencia, Spain before I fly home from Madrid. RyanAir has the flight I want but when I go to purchase the ticket, it won't let me complete the sale. Is it possible to purchase a RyanAir ticket online from the US?"
From CApionNY: "My friend and I will be in Aguascalientes for three weeks in August. Before we depart, we would appreciate having an idea of local food, suggestions on good and reasonable places to eat as well as the cost of transportation from Aguascalientes to Queretaro. Any suggestions, ideas, or general information that anyone is willing to share would be greatly appreciate."
From sendnuluv: "I just got back from a week in Negril we stayed a the Samasara Resort on the west end. Hurricane Dennis missed us so there was little to no damage, although it was a little nerve racking. So, my friend and I spent a lot of time at the hotel getting to know the staff. Jamaica is the most incredible place that I have ever been. The people there are the hardest working, and yet they have the biggest hearts. They are kind and warm people."
From sharonov: "We're going to drive from Chicago to Pennsylvania next week. We prefer to avoid big cities, since we live in downtown Chicago, and just want to see some pretty scenery. The time frame is open (we're retired) -- where is the best scenery?"

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