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As the world's first company created for gay travel celebrates its 32nd birthday this year, the city of Philadelphia became the first destination in the world to produce a gay-themed TV commercial designed specifically to attract gay and lesbian vacationers. This is nothing but good news, as tourism officals and travel providers try to tap into the $54 billion gay travel market.
There's still time to find affordable packages to Spain that allow you to travel before summer ends. Plus, there's plenty of time to plan for a quick Thanksgiving getaway.
The birthplace of tae kwon do (literally, "the way of the foot and fist"), the Korean Peninsula has plenty to offer. Today we look at some current offers that include air, hotel, three meals a day, cultural outings and even martial arts lessons.
It's worth a look over the hedgerow to see the possibilities for higher-end stays at places as varying as an Italian villa, a Ritz Carlton or a South Pacific diving resort. Surprisingly, there are some offers that don't have to break the bank.
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From Eric Marvin: "We're going to be in France for a month this fall and are exploring the least expensive way to have access to our money. We wish to avoid ATM fees and conversion fees on credit card purchases, and all the other fees that seem to get tacked on. I was reviewing the American Express Travel Funds Card on their website. It seems like there is a reasonablee fee ($14.95) for the issuance of the card and a $2.30 ATM usage fee for withdrawals. Has anyone used this card while traveling? If so, what do you see as plusses and minuses
From Jeff Kadet: "First, the Brazilian Consulate in Chicago would not accept my U.S. Passport because it expires in 12/04. The trip was scheduled for July 14-Aug. 15, 2004, four months before the passport expired in December. I sent them an e-mail asking why they would not accept a valid U.S. passport and received this rather terse reply: 'Rules.' About three weeks ago I overnight Fed-Exed the new passport and visa application to the Chicago Consulate. It was marked 'URGENT.' Almost three weeks later, the visa has not arrived. All further emails sent to them have only received 'form' replies. My vacation is ruined."
From Rean Ashad: "Hi, My wife and I are visiting Jordan in Aug/Sept for a few weeks and would like to visit Jerusalem via the Allenby Bridge. We are both Muslims of Indian extraction although are full British citizens. Would it be a problem gaining entry due to the current climate? Also, how would be treated by the locals there? All views much appreciated."
From Kim Ives: "We stayed in Munich for two nights at the Gastehaus English Garden (recommended in Frommer's and also by a personal friend). What a wonderful spot! We had a large room (#20) with lots of windows, a sitting room -- kind of like your great grandmother's with antiques and oriental rugs. The inn is right on the English Garden, so you can enjoy the quiet and also the lake, paddleboats, trails, beer garden, etc. There's a great restaurant right across the street from the inn. It isn't far to walk to the subway, and it's in a great neighborhood. We loved Munich!"
From Becky Oselka: "We just booked an eight-day vacation for Mexico Riviera May in January. I and my husband plan to get passports, the two sets of grandparents going, already have passports. My children will be 4 and 8 upon travel time. Do they need passports? How easy is it to get through the airlines or customs with just birth certificates. I want easy."

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