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It's true what they say; Paris is deservedly considered the most romantic, beautiful, and enchanting city in the world. If you're heading there soon, you'll be taking a chance on battling a scorcher of summer and a dense throng of fellow tourists. Look to later in the fall, and you'll find prices dropping and those crowds thinning.
Package tours introduce you to botanical gardens, rising mountains, huge urban centers and traditional arts. Book them now, because fall packages to Japan are available for terrific value.
London has a deserved reputation of being one of the most expensive cities in the world. Those in the know about London will tell you it isn't a problem -- there are plenty of things to do here that will cost you nothing, or at the very least, next to nothing.
The number-two bidding board is becoming number-one in cutting-edge services with a cool tool that plots Priceline wins on city maps, thanks to Google's mapping system.
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Place des Vosges in Paris
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Reader's Voice
From erin823: "I'm headed out to SF for the first time in two weeks and was looking for suggestions on where to eat in Chinatow. Thanks!"
From Sandy Sung: "My husband and I are traveling to Maui with our 10-month-old twin girls this October. Our plane ride will be about 7 hours, we did purchase three seats on the plane, and we are planning on renting an van. Should we bring our own car seats? This will be our first trip with the twins, so any advice on traveling with twins at 10 months of age would be a great help! Thanks!"
From P.Weber: "Hurricane Emily crossed right over the beach resorts along the Mayan Riviera last night/early this a.m. Fortunately no deaths have been reported from Mexico even though the area was apparently hard hit by this major storm."
From bfalkens: "I'm going to be visiting Chicago next weekend. Unfortunately because of availability and price I'm staying at the Marriott by O'Hare. If I go out in the city late, is it safe to take the EL back to O'Hare at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning or should I spring the dough for a cab?"
From disgruntledgoat: "Hey, everyone thinking about our great land of Oz. A German lady has done me a great favor, and all she asked for in return in an Australian souvenir. As an Aussie it's hard to think of a gift that non-Aussies will appreciate. We Aussies love to give people Vegemite and Tim Tams, but given Vegemite is a taste we develop from chilhood, non-Aussies tend to not appreciate them as much as we think they should! What gift would say 'Australia' to you?"

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