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Friendly Planet frequently runs promotions that are too good to pass up, and this Athens and Greek Isles Cruise, starting at $1,059, is no exception.
These days, it seems you can't travel more than 100 miles in any given direction without running into a casino or some manner of gambling facility.
The "Minerva" is one of the few affordable ships still visiting ports un-altered by massive tourism.
Even when you're in paradise you've got a budget to behold. So, glance at the shimmery turquoise water, tighten your belt and skip the resort restaurants in favor of the islands' gathering place and street food equivalent.
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Church in St. Marks Square, Venice Church in St. Marks Square, Venice
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Reader's Voice
From rudytjip1: "I will be traveling to Yogyakarta for three days in October. I would like any information or experience others have on hiring a car and driver to visit Borobudur and Prambanan temples."
From javanut: "When we journey to Costa Rica we want to tour at least one coffee farm. We have owned a small coffee shop/nightclub for the last twelve years ... and obviously love our favorite brew."
From Joni Sutton: "We drove through this beautiful town by accident a couple of years ago. It is in Lorraine."
From MRW: "We are looking for a reasonably priced trip to Namibia and maybe Botswana and Zambia for us (sixty years old) and our grandson (twelve)."
From aquariusdee: "I will be going from Israel to Egypt and perhaps one or two more Arab countries. How do you go about getting the officials to not stamp your passport while in Israel?"

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