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The hazard of being a travel editor is that you never take a trip without working, at least a little. For the benefit of Frommers.com readers, here are one editor's thoroughly opinionated recent finds in Paris.
Every travel fan knows that visiting Florida in summer can be fun and inexpensive, especially if you have kids. What travelers often don't remember is that Florida in the summer can be HOT and humid, hence the lower prices. With these facts in mind, we want to offer three packages that let you and the family experience the best in the state, including a four-star beach resort.
With the upcoming DNC convention, all eyes are on Boston. If you're traveling there, read this supplement to our guidebook.
You, too, can stay out in the midday sun with the Englishmen, enjoying activities like antique shopping, beer quaffing and cricket watching (the sport, not the insect). And if you must travel later, now is still the right time to nail down an inexpensive package.
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Reader's Voice
From J Z: "I am going to Alaska in about two weeks. I have heard that the fires have socked Denali in, and it is very smoky up there. Has anyone been there within the last few weeks? Is it worth going or is it better to just stay south like in Kenai and Seward?"
From James and Pamela Goho: "Ross Castle in Killarney was a delight. We were very lucky and had the castle to ourselves (except perhaps for a resident ghost). We were greeted with a cup of hot tea and conversation around a wood and peat fire; it was great after a day on the road! We also had a marvelous dinner at the nearby Ross House, which we would highly recommend. After the meal we returned to Ross Castle and enjoyed the fireplace in the parlour, fortifying ourselves for a night in the haunted castle in the tower room."
From Sherry Van Epps: "We're recently returned from visiting the Bavaria area of Germany where it seemed we were making a professional career of getting lost our first few days. I am listing some tips in hopes it will help others who drive. Although I was laden with maps, the exit often will not list the town you are heading for. There is a LOT to be said for buying your maps in Germany. The ones I bought here did not show exit numbers, theirs do."
From Kenn Mingus: "My 17 year old son wants to take a road trip from Dallas to LA. He'll turn 18 while he's gone, but I'm concerned about legal issues. Can he legally book a room? What are the issues about crossing state lines? Any info about offical resources would be appreciated."
From David Della Porta: "We have always valued Frommer's hotel and dining recommendations. This resort was noted as one of the finest luxury resorts in the Caribbean. We arrived to find no one to greet us or help with luggage, a dirty and dingy front desk area, un-helpful staff, a dirty restaurant and filthy restroom-and that all was just at the "front door" of the resort. After waiting a half hour for our room to be prepared and having time to walk around, we cancelled our reservation and left for another resort."

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