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Visiting San Francisco is high on your traveler's to-do list, but have you've been holding off because you think the city is just so darn pricey? Think again.
How better to offset the pain of tumbling stocks and mutual funds than to take a reduced-cost pleasure trip to one of a handful of popular cities around the world?
Pleasant Holidays offers just what it's name promises, especially for this week's Smart Deal: a companion-friendly special to the Hawaiian islands.
What better time than now to start planning your next beach vacation to escape the winter cold. When things start cooling down, heat up with a getaway to one or more islands in the Pacific Ocean.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge
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Reader's Voice
From neilhernan: "We are more interested in sights and interesting stops. We have the entire day to do this trip if necessary."
From justshaz: "Apparently, our best bet is to stay in Malargue because it's cheaper and we can take a shuttle bus in every day."
From mrsricho: "We want it to be luxurious, but small, and not so isolated that you can't easily walk or take a taxi to enjoy life outside of the town."
From pantherblue: "I am staying in a hotel on Washington Avenue. Please advise on things that I need to do/see."
From 60Fallsview: "A Red Cross staff person showed me their most recent guidelines indicating that I would not be able to give blood for at least one year after being in Turkey."

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