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If you've a hankering for visiting Australia or New Zealand, you can save a bundle by taking an escorted vacation with ATS South Pacific Vacations.
You've had your summer vacation already, or you're thinking of waiting until fall, toughing out the hot weather the better to savor the colorful ambience of autumn.
Steadily working it's way up the most popular list, Beijing is chock full of wonder and history--think the Great Wall, think the Forbidden City, think the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.
It's a bit late for schussing, but not for plenty of other outdoorsy pursuits in Banff, nestled high in Alberta's majestic Rockies.
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Marketplace in China
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From Susan Levit: "I loved Portugal when I was there in 1980 and I'm thinking of returning, but I'm a little hesitant because I'm sure it's not the same."
From Adrienne Rosenthal: "When the average traveler has paid full (or bargain rate) we don't need to have our vacations ruined by travel agents on a 'fam' trip."
From Terry Scholl: "My husband and I visited Cusco and the Sacred Valley in April 2002. We found a wonderful, clean, new B&B in Cusco with the most helpful English speaking family."
From tani tani: "Quiet, somewhat-slow-moving couple in mid-50's seek (2) travel companions (preferably another couple) to to share a two week adventure to (or from) Toulouse on our recently-acquired little canal barge on the Canal de Midi in the south of France during the month of September."

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