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The US Virgin Islands are extending a summertime package promotion into early fall. Need to relax in the sun? Dig into these deals by August 30 for travel through September 30.
JetBlue is raising the ante -- and lowering prices -- with $148 roundtrip tickets from Atlanta to Oakland, CA, just outside San Francisco. (The flights are $173 including taxes.) This is a ridiculously low fare, and we're eager to see what Delta's going to do to fight back.
If you're a skier, Whistler needs no introduction -- it's the place to ski in North America, a designation that was merely affirmed by the IOC when it selected the Vancouver/Whistler bid for the 2010 Winter Games. But don't overlook this part of Canada for summertime fun.
Beat the rush and book your next trip to Paris before August 8 for travel during September and October at prices as low as $499 out of New York or Boston, $599 from a slew of other cities.
Available in every corner of the globe, airpasses are ways to jet around for a flat fee per flight, usually somewhere between $70-$150.
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Pull right up to St. Croix!
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From Toni R: "I will be visiting Cuba as soon as I can figure out how to do it financially and traveling on a very small budget. I am over 50 and will be traveling on my own. I'm in good health but biking is probably out. Looking for inexpensive places to stay, and any other tips for seeing the country with limited means."
From Lynne Arrieta: "I love to travel, especially in and on the water (snorkeling, boating etc.). Many times though my trip has been ruined from motion sickness -- I refuse to give in to this and now have the opportunity to learn to scuba dive and would LOVE IT. I am afraid though that this will be ruined by motion sickness, too. I have taken dramamine, which leave me so drowsy. Any hints from those that have overcome this? I really don't want this to limit my adventures."
From Tom Kerr: "The school offers very reasonably priced accommodations that are well-located in London. Has anyone stayed at Bankside House or one of the other properties? What is the noise and party level like? (I'm 60 and do not need either one.) Does anyone know of similar spaces?"
From skim610: "My sister and I had only five days in Paris, and while it went by way too quickly, we felt we made the most of it and will definitely return. We miss the jambon (ham) and gruyere sandwiches on baguettes so much! The metro service was a little sporadic while we were there so we actually did a ton of walking...highly recommended if you're up for it since the city of Paris is actually not that big and all the big sights are along the Seine."
From Sue Collier: "Good article and some good tips. However, things have changed significantly on the international upgrade front. International upgrades are much more expensive now than 35-30,000 miles you quote in your article. United used to let you upgrade to business class for 40,000 roundtrip -- that was raised to 60,000 in Sept. 2003. Not only that, but these upgrades (whether 'systemwide' or miles from your account) can only be used in conjunction with a paid ticket booked in an H/M/B fare basis ticket."

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