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Tour the best of Switzerland, spread out on a beach in the Dominican Republic, or choose from three more of this week's special offers.
Our reader booked rooms in two different cities through the Days Inn website. Then again, maybe he didn't: The final reservation is for two nights in the same place. Is he the victim of a bad website?
Back in May of 2007, I began this daily blog about travel, and soon turned into a creature of bloodshot eyes an exhausted, shuffling walk.
Fresh air to breathe and clean water to drink are two basic requirements most people take for granted but in China, it seems that even the most fundamental of human necessities are at risk of becoming unobtainable.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Switzerland
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Reader's Voice
From giveitago: "My boyfriend and I recently got engaged and we're beginning to talk about honeymoon ideas."
From EileenM: "My normal vacations consist of sitting on a beach for a week, so I'm a bit overwhelmed when I see some of the itineraries out there."
From Downinit: "I know there's a lot of coastline, but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of resort areas."
From jhd43: "Once in the country, we learned that even the tiniest tear or wrinkle on a dollar bill will render it non-acceptable."
From jim.casagrande: "I'd like to park my car, do the hike, but not have to do the hike in reverse to get back to my car."

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