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If past experience is any indicator, several new fees could be tacked on to your fare. Maybe not today, not tomorrow, but someday soon, and for the rest of your flying life.
The moment the summer sun comes out, boats ship out to waterside Maryland towns. A boat's not necessary, though -- almost all of them are less than 90 minutes from the Bay Bridge by car.
When our reader lands in Mexico City on her way to Tapachula, she's told her airline ticket from Cheapoair.com isn't valid. After paying for a new ticket, she waits in vain for a refund. Is she out of luck?
You don't really feel the full impact of Mexico's situation until you enter autumn dates into a booking website and discover all the discount deluxe beachside hotels.
Horizon dishes out fall savings across the U.S., Asiana makes Asian flights even cheaper, and more domestic and international bargains in this week's deal roundup.
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Sacre-Coeur, Paris Sacre-Coeur, Paris
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Reader's Voice
From blanche655: "I'm dying to see Angkor Wat but I've been told the temples are strenuous and there are miles and miles of stairs to climb. I have a tricky knee and I'm carrying some extra weight."
From L Mann: "I was thinking of visiting around November but I have heard it's very windy and rainy that time of year. Does that make it difficult to enjoy the park?"
From KDT: "Because we have a tight budget, I wonder if we can book a single room for two people. I checked some hotels and their policy is one person per single room."
From Goagainandagain: "We arrived in Haiyan County, thought to be the best place to see the solar eclipse, at 8:00 am. We could have arrived much earlier if there were not so many travelers who were sharing the road to Haiyan with us."
From steve: "We'll be visiting Montreal during the first week of August and are looking to take some day trips to see different sites, communities and parks."

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