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Travelers head to America's most popular archipelago for a variety of reasons: Snowbirds take up a second residence to escape the winter's chill; anglers stream down for the excellent opportunities afforded by the surrounding shallow emerald waters; and families of every ilk go to be pampered in any number of outstanding resorts dotting this series of islands.
For the fifth year in a row, Frommer's has worked out a special offer for those who are interested in a totally authentic Mexican cooking vacation, complete with hands-on instruction, eating, drinking, and an insider tips on nearby ruins and historic sites.
Looking for a way to escape the extreme heat this summer? Why not drop below the Equator for ski season and experience the majestic beauty of the Andes in Chile and Argentina, the Snowy Mountains of Australia or the Southern Lakes district of New Zealand?
If you thought that traveling to Ireland during the summer months was totally out of reach and that you'd have to wait until the fall to get the discounts, you may be surprised to learn that Ireland can still be an affordable destination in all seasons.
Palm Springs has turned itself into a destination ideal for golfers, celebrity gawkers, shoppers and foodies alike. Gone are the days of a town split simply between seniors year-round and the throngs of spring break revelers.
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From lidiana: "My 19-year-old teenage daughter wants to go to Amsterdam because they have a week there where High Times promotes weed (sometime in November)and has contests and other events. As you can imagine, I am very worried about it, but she is over 18 and it's her choice. She said that she has read on the Internet that it is very safe. What do you say? Thanks for any info, I really appreciate it!"
WallyMom: "We're visiting Indianapolis for about 4-5 days in mid-August. Any suggestions on things to do with a 13-year-old daughter?"
From Harriett Strayhorn: "I just returned from my 5th trip with Djoser. This one was the Trans-Siberian train from Moscow to Mongolia to camp in the Gobi for 7 nights then by train on to Beijing. What a fantastic adventure! I had read a lot of negative things about how boring the long train ride was, but I didn't find it that way at all -- great people to meet, lots of time to just relax and read."
From drjames: "This is a trip report of our short, but sufficient time in Helsinki. We only stayed in Helsinki for a few days. We flew in early from Budapest, spent two nights in Helsinki and then took an afternoon ferry to Tallinn. On our return, we took a morning ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki."
From jbjb: "Was recently on a 14 hour flight where the passenger behind me coughed constantly -- yes, for 14 hours. Luckily I had ear plugs and ambien so I slept. However, this did not alleviate my worries about catching whatever it is this woman had. It was a full flight so we couldn't ask for a seat change. Any suggestions on what -- if anything -- we could have done?"

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