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From Vikings to Volvos, Scandinavia fascinates those who visit. We at Frommer's try to get you there cheaper so that you can enjoy the fjords for less. With packages to Stockholm, hotels in Norway, and distractions in Denmark, greats summer saving are up for grabs.
Seasoned travelers should consider membership in the Travelers Century Club, reserved for those who've been to at least 100 countries. You'll be surprised that you may be closer to the 100 mark than you think.
Customers who purchase roundtrip tickets on www.flysong.com between August 1 and August 12 qualify for one of three gifts including a free MP3 player or a guitar.
Based in Indianapolis with major gateways in Chicago-Midway, St. Petersburg, FL, San Francisco and Los Angeles, ATA's "Big Sale" is one of many major airfare deals offering consumers rock-bottom prices for fall travel.
It's a pleasure to report on several new packages there in the lands of fortified castles, narrow cobblestone streets and hearty meals.
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From Diana Brooks: "While moving, I wanted to bring a pet reptile with me. I made all proper arrangements with both the state and federal authorities; the animal was owned legally and having worked for one of the agencies I didn't feel good about skirting requirements. I specified to Alaska Airlines that I would be traveling with the sauromalus obesus and got a proper insulated carrying case. When I tried to check in, they sent me to a cargo area over a mile away... and when I got there, no one could find this type of reptile on any list - because they are common and not endangered. They kept asking what it was and I kept identifying it properly, which made them refuse to take it. Stupid me - if I had said it was a cat, dog or even an iguana they would have taken it without blinking. They had no clue, I could have said anything but was penalized for telling the truth. So I ended up walking all the way back to the terminal, buying a jumbo coffee cup in the gift shop, sticking the poor critter in the cup, and walking through security pretending to sip. (I didn't think he'd make it through X ray undiscovered). The moral: being honest doesn't pay."
From Tom Lovely: "I would like to alert readers to a bad experience I had with AOL Travelers Advantage. AOL Travelers Advantage is a travel agency and club that is associated with America Online and has a $79 annual membership fee and 5% rebate program. I recently booked a room for two nights at Sutton Inn near SEATAC Airport through Travelers Advantage. I arrived very late at night, and the hotel had no record of my reservation, even though I had a confirmation number."
From Ginger Tong: "How early do I book a flight to Hong Kong? I'm looking to fly from Newark in November, which is a time I'm not used to flying back, and I wasn't sure what the average price was then. Is $1,150 a decent price? Should I wait?"
From Jerri Schoenstein: "Hello, any suggestions on a good read while preparing for an October trip to Spain? I'd like something set in historical Spain, if possible. Thanks!"
From Greta Altschuler: "While traveling in several American cities, I have always the same problem. USA hotels do not appear to offer single rooms. I am all the time told that the price is the same if there is one or two persons, and then I am given a big big room that can sleep six people easily. I would rather have a small room with a one person bed and shower and pay less money. Many American people travel alone in Europe and stay in such rooms in London, Paris and all over Europe. Where do you stay like this in American cities? Even rooms in so called 'boutique hotels' are meant for two and charge the same for one."

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