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Summer in Portugal means quiet fishing towns, mellow beaches, and inexpensive fresh lobster eaten overlooking a calm shoreline while sipping a local white wine.
Spring is a magical season to visit Australia. The weather is sensational, the cities start celebrating with festivals and events and the flowers and everything else is in bloom.
Yes, Japan can be expensive. Who hasn't heard wild stories about the price of American consumer goods in Tokyo, like a $500 pair of Levis? Nevertheless, it's possible to travel to Japan without spending thousands of dollars.
Greetings from 35,000 feet above the Atlantic. Would you believe I am on yet another flight back to Europe? This time, though, I'm on a plane with wireless high speed internet access. If you're into racking up tons of frequent flier miles, then pack your bag and whatever helps you pass time. We've got a bunch flights to catch.
Delta Air Lines has lowered fares between Denver and the following cities today, July 27, 2006. This is an unadvertised sale and these fares could disappear at any moment.
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Reader's Voice
From LivingInVienna: "We just returned from a five day trip to Rabac, on the Istrian peninsula. We drove down from our home in Vienna, Austria."
From cdnfungrl: "Well I've just gotten back from my trip to L.A. It was amazing."
From M Hynes: "We are planning our first trip to Mexico this coming February. We like to go to Europe, but a weak dollar has prompted us to make other plans."
From jecarros: "I just wanted to give some helpful tips and ideas to those venturing to Moscow. I have been to Moscow many times as a student and I just went back for the first time in 5 years as a tourist. I think a lot of people get overwhelmed by Moscow and are afraid needlessly."
From Renie: "I will have a weekend on my own in Tokyo and would like to take the Mt. Fuji tour. Is it an all day trip? Does anyone have tips to share?"

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