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$699 Is a Bang-Up Price For Five Nights in the Big Cities, Small Towns, and Rain Forests of this Ancient Land, With Air, Hotel and Touring
You can't get more romantic than cruising down the Danube on a deluxe boat, visiting little wine villages and having a glass (or two) while ashore.
To journey here is always a pleasure, but when fares are reduced 15% to 39%, as the Silja Line has done for trips between August 12 and next May, taking the trip is practically an obligation.
Especially if you live in the American Southeast, these seven nights sandside at Cancún's 200-room Barceló Club Las Perlas are a summertime tempter .
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From RDS: "The present corporate structure of AMTRAK is an accident waiting to happen. This country needs, repeat needs, a form of mass transit other than the auto and airplane."
From Kamal Maheshwari: "Has anyone participated in the language program in Valdevilla, Spain? According to their information, it is headed by an American named Richard Vaughn. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks."
From Linda Snock: "Hi, we just returned from our cruise to New England this past Sunday. We were satisfied for what we paid (a pretty good deal booked over the Internet). Had we paid another thousand dollars, however, I'm not sure we would be as satisfied."
From Humblejohn: "I Can't find one chain hotel/motel in the East Hadda-Essex corridor. Is it possible that a beaufiful area like this has none? My wife and I would like to visit this area for a few days in July. Maybe we should look elsewhere? On the other hand if this is snot nose city then we'll forget it. Thanks in advance.

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