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Right now, specials are plentiful to this deeply spiritual island nation, beloved by visitors for its friendly people, well-preserved culture, beaches, lakes, volcanoes, rice paddies and forests. Plus, we've got specials just for our Aussie readers.
Christmas cruises, free upgrades, free airfare and the usual rock-bottom prices in this issue of our deals round-up!
Staying at a B&B can offer a more personal experience and for many people, these guesthouses are the perfect way to make a vacation more homey. But they're not for everyone.
When traveling to Belize you run the risk of dealing with the rainy season to save money or waiting until the high season that begins in mid November -- when tourists flock to this Central American Xanadu and prices go up, up, up. As loyal readers know, we always choose the former.
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Reader's Voice
From Frommer's Fan: "Aside from New York City, which American city offers the best shopping experiences?"
From Linda Vee: "Got back a week ago from a trip to Iceland and a cruise to Greenland. Before going to on the ship to Greenland we went horseback riding with Laxnes. They were wonderful. We spent 12 days on 'The Little Red Boat' and made our way to Greenland, crashing through miles and miles of pack ice to Scoresby Sound. What a great experience -- even saw polar bears with a fresh kill."
From francais: "My daughter and I went to Egypt with a company called Travel In Style. From the moment we were met at the airport until the moment we left, we were always in very capable and friendly hands. We were treated like royalty."
From stumets: "Yes, I'm a picky eater and I don't really like French food. There are only so many baguettes I can eat, so I was wondering if there are some non-McD's type restaurants that are pretty good. I've already been to the Hard Rock (decent), and I've read up on Breakfast in America, Joe Allen, Chicago Pizza Factory and one or 2 others. If there is anyone else out there like me, please share how you dealt with it."
From colinjiveturkey: "I was just accepted into a program that will send me to Tokyo to teach English for the year, and even never having been there before, I know how expensive it is. I want to know the ways other people here have used to cut down living expenses for the next three months. I just wish I had more notice so I could build a better savings, but oh well."

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