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New Photo Galleries: Upload your shots of California, Greece, and Washington, D.C.
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Tour India's Golden Triangle with Friendly Planet, escape to San Diego (and its zoo) with the family, and three more special offers to destinations around the world.
Where to find Naples' best pizza, how see Pompeii for less, and more tips on visiting the Amalfi Coast.
It has colonial architecture and a gracious atmosphere that's welcoming to visitors, but Puebla's real ace in the hole is it's food: Among Mexicans, it's revered as the cradle of Mexican cuisine.
The Senate Commerce Committee last week approved legislation giving passengers the option of leaving a plane stuck on the tarmac.
Just a few minutes' train ride from the center of town can put you hundreds of feet above Barcelona, with stunning views and a great cup of coffee at the end of it.
Reader's Voice
From Anise105: "Is it possible to drive from Nelson to Franz Josef in one day and still enjoy the trip? Google maps estimated the travel at 6.5 hours."
From Andrea Graham: "I'm an active 60-year-old, an urban hiker, fairly fearless but would also like to know if there are places I would be wildly out of place or likely uncomfortable alone?"
From eknhjw: "I will be six months pregnant, so we are looking just to relax by the pool and eat good food. We do not want an all-inclusive in case we want to eat outside of the hotel."
From Jolly: "We are staying in Athens for a few days and then going to the island Agistri. I cannot seem to find any ferries online that go to Methena even though the route is there."
From kimo1976: "I was thinking we should stay in a townhouse or manor home in a central location and plan day trips to the best spots of Ireland so we're not moving 9-12 people every day or two."

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