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In December, United Airlines will become the first US airline to provide regular service from Los Angeles to Vietnam since the Vietnam War. Elsewhere in Southeast Asia, travel to Thailand continues at an amazing pace. Here are deals to get you to one -- or both -- destinations.
If you're still considering a trip to Athens for the Olympic Games beginning on Aug 13, be prepared to pay a high price for this last minute sporting luxury. Although there appears to be a surplus of hotel rooms in Athens, and a huge number of event tickets available, reasonably priced flights and packages from the United States to Greece are extremely limited.
Whether you get yourself to Italy or want to book an air-inclusive package, we have some deals for you again, showing off our inclination to love that "boot" of light and culture almost any time of the year.
Most airports, alas, are pretty dull places. You eat, you shop, you fly. Some airports, though, go out of their way to amuse you. If you're stuck in one of these ten locations, the airport amenities will let hours fly by with ease.
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From Eunice Kim: "This past weekend, I rented a car from a local Hertz agency to drive from Illinois to Ohio for my graduation. I had 8 family members with me, who had flown in from all parts of the USA and Canada. About 1.5 hours into the drive, a large cement block fell off the overpass and flew into the windshield of the car, destroying the windshield and sending glass shards everywhere. We pulled off the interstate, and that's when the nightmare with Hertz started."
From TJ71: "We are considering going to Ireland on a self-drive B&B type vacation next year, and have a question that might seem like a strange one, butit is going to be our honeymoon, and I am concerned about the amount of privacy B&Bs offer... do you typically have to worry about privacy?"
From newsie:"What are the sleeper restaurants on these islands; the ones few people know about but that serve delicious food at moderate prices?"
From Megan Erwin: "I am moving to Leicester, England for university and will be there for a year. I am so excited, but am unsure about many things, having never traveled before. There are many more questions that I just can't articulate at this moment, but if any savvy Frommerites could share some helpful hints for the 20 year old American girl in England, I would much appreciate it."
From Teresa Lucy: " just wanted to tell everyone that as a travel professional with many years of travel experience how impressed I was with Walking Tours of Florence and how happy we are that we accidentally came across their company in Florence."

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