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You can get a compact car for as little as $19.99 for pickups between Thursday through Sunday, with a two-day minimum and five-day maximum limit.
Insight Vacations has a good record with our readers, and the price is right, averaging out at about $100 per person per day for many of their land-only tours that include first-class hotel accommodations, guided tours, air-conditioned bus, transfers, service charges and taxes.
Country Cottages, which has been providing vacations in the British Isles for many years now, has come up with a neat idea--spending the quintessentially American holiday of Thanksgiving in England or Ireland--at 1999 prices.
Dinner at 10pm? Streets packed with party-goers at 1am on weeknights? Nightclubs that don't start filling till 2am?
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From Leonora: "My family of 3 (one 8 year old daughter) stayed at the brand new Fiesta Grand from July 6-13. The resort is located in what is now being wisely marketed as "The Riviera Maya," the area south of Cancun, which is dotted with little villages and resorts."
From Venecia Espinosa: "I never even got to stay here because of the awful service provided by the front desk. And by the way--even though Frommers says the breakfast and parking are complimentary--they are NOT. Parking is 12.50 per day and breakfast is available at the menu."
From Laura Buehler: "I am going to book a 3 week trip to Egypt. I am considering two outfitters, and am having a tough time deciding, they both cover mostly the same ground."
From Misty Meiring: "I've been to King's Island and Disneyworld, but I want to know what is the best park to go to, one with rides, good food and lots of fun people!"
From Jacqui Hall: "Just wondering if anyone can provide us with any information regarding entering Myanmar from India or Bangladesh through to Thailand."

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