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Author Holly Hughes discusses 500 great trips for kids!
More things than the color of leaves change in the fall. So do museum art exhibits, which go up, and airfare, which typically goes down. Here's a short list of the museum art exhibitions and the some deals on traveling to their locations.
Fall sees the return of the Parisiennes from vacation, the introduction of the stunning fall collections in the stores and reduced prices on hotels in Paris and airfares to get you there.
Carrie Havranek reports on her recent trip to Atlantic City and explores the fact that the casinos, for the most part, could do a better job of capitalizing on their prime location: the beach.
The fun's been taken out of the Amtrak discount code game recently, thanks to the introduction of a "super code".
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Atlantic City
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Reader's Voice
From brencara: "I realize that it is impossible to guarantee, but we are planning a trip to Tanzania and Kenya next summer. I would assume that it is best to go to the Serengeti first, than Maasai Mari."
From desidero: "I have booked a 10 day trip to Brazil in November and am now ready to start putting together an itinerary. I am in my early thirties and will be traveling with a friend of mine."
From boomerbiker: "My wife and I are planning a trip in September. We are considering Southern Utah or Yellowstone."
From SpaceCadet: "I'm here at work, bored, looking around at posts and I came across one post that asked about visiting a certain location (Wild Dunes, Isle of Palms Resort) during the off-season/shoulder season."
From interestedparty: "I have been to London once, so I admit my view is very small in scope. How would one describe Londoners vs. people from other parts of England?"

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