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Few things are more annoying to a traveler than a late departure or arrival flight. To help to avoid this predicament, the monthly Air Travel Consumer Report, published by the U.S. Department of Transportation, is a useful resource for both the novice and veteran traveler alike.
The Cayman Islands are a very, very mellow place. A quiet realm of quiet beaches, this triumvirate of Caribbean islands is a respite from the hectic, overdeveloped tourist culture of much of the rest of the Caribbean.
August is the month to get cracking if you want to visit one of those fabulous Christmas markets in Germany, Austria or nearby countries, as some of the firms organizing tours are already in the giving spirit already, offering discounted prices if you purchase by late this month.
While Panama is known primarily for its famous canal, the nation has much more to offer travelers than just its reputation as a key commerce point. Panama is home to some of the best beaches, wildlife, snorkeling in all of the Americas.
Who wants to visit the Caribbean in the unfashionable summer and autumn months? People who love warm a weather and bargains, that's who. Check out these deals while they last.
Whether you're crossing from north to south or west to east, JetBlue, Spirit and AirTran are connecting the four corners of the country with sales this week. These low fares are good enough that if you're planning a cross-country trip this fall, you might as well book it now.
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Reader's Voice
From Karen Filos: "As I was traveling this past March in Italy, I was amazed at how ignorant some people were. I actually saw a lady use American money to try to buy something instead of using Euros. I was embarrassed to see such a thing. I can't stand those loud and rude Americans! You make everyone think we are all like that. Please stop! If you would just try to learn a little before you go."
From Deborah M: "My 16 year old daughter's learner's permit expired, and we flew to Chicago before she had a chance to get it renewed. Both American Airlines and airport security were very unhappy with allowing her to use this as an ID and almost refused to let her board the plane! In addition, security flagged her because of this breach and both of us underwent extensive searching -- her of both her person and her luggage, and me of my luggage because I was with her. Just be warned!"
From Francie Davenport: "I just read an article in the Frommers.com Newsletter about package deals to the Brandywine Valley in Delaware/PA. I recently took a long weekend trip there (absolutely gorgeous) and wanted to warn against one of the properties listed in the article."
From Jan Riedel: "Just finished reading a budget travel column in our local newspaper. A reader wrote about bargains, specifically, when an airline ticket is purchased at one price and the price goes down, the airline will usually reticket that purchase in the form of a travel voucher. Not so with Hawaiian Airlines!"
From Jake Haye: "Just returned from a week in Belgium and had a great time! Stayed in Brussels but made day trips to Antwerp and Brugges (both lovely places), but I was partial to Brugges. Everyone was very nice, and we were surprised by the fact that nearly everyone spoke excellent English. (This may be due in part to my poor attempts at speaking French)."

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