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Temperatures might be cooling down soon enough, but on the world event calendar, the fall festivals are heating up. From the unique and artistic to the bizarre and ritualistic, there's an international event to suit every traveler's taste to dig into the local culture.
The big news from Argentina in mid-2005 is that the country is now officially out of default. The peso is holding steady at about 3 to the dollar. For the lucky visitor, it's business as usual. Crime is down and everything is still incredibly affordable. There has never been a better time to visit Argentina.
In the face of the dollar's declining value worldwide against foreign currencies, there can be a bit of a sticker shock while traveling. To demonstrate where you can get the most bang for your buck, this monthly index compares the costs of common consumer goods around the globe.
The discount travel operator specializing in low cost airfare and other travel discounts to Europe such as car rentals, cell phone rentals and hotels is quickly becoming a travel resource for lovers of Western Europe.
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Make plans now to celebrate the Day of the Dead in Mexico
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From ROCole: "We have received multiple solicitations from Captal One pushing their program, so I called them for details. You do get one air mile for each dollar charged but -- the number of air miles it takes to make a trip is based on the cost of the ticket. For example we are using 50,000 each for a trip to Vienna this fall. The ticket price is $1,000. I was told that the number of airmiles needed under their program would be 125,000 each. This is 250% more for the same trip. Doesn't look like a bargain to me."
From HappyHour: "What are your top experiences of new things you've tried while on vacation? I'll be visiting Florida (been there before) in December."
From paul helmick: "Just enjoyed four great days in New Orleans that were greatly helped by this forum and chowhounds."
From betsyc: "Can anyone advise us on what's still open at the Jersey shore by the second week in October? Last summer we stayed on Cape Cod in early October and loved it -- the beaches were deserted, it was still warm during the day. We have toddlers, so we weren't doing much swimming or nightlife anyway. Is the Jersey shore about the same?"
From pirlgirl: "I am taking an RSSC cruise that visits Aitutaki and Rarotonga. A woman I work with said the tours offered from flyers passed out at the dock were half the price as those booked through the cruise line. What tours are worth the money or is it better to rent a scooter and do it yourself? What are the must see sights for someone with only 10 hours on each island?"

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