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There's a new airline crossing the Atlantic, flying between the States to Brussels, and then, improbably, to Yerevan, in Armenia.
Dominican Republic based Viva, that well know chain of modestly priced resorts, has a double promotion going on for now and autumn.
With more Americans taking car trips this summer and fall (nearly half of them traveling at short notice), chances are you're one of those people looking for last minute accommodations.
Yes, it makes for hot summer down in Florida, but not as bad as it is in, say, Phoenix or New Orleans. So if you like warm weather and plenty of sunshine, Tampa Bay has some good prices for you in their "Getaway Package" promotion.
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From SoonerDog: "I just read where BA has some pretty good deals going for travel to the UK thru September."
From Will Snyder: "I traveled as a courier a few times in the 80's. I have the month of August off and I would like to find a bargain courier trip."
From Barbara Rieb: "E-tickets, do not try to use them in France, even on an American carrier. They will give you a very bad time and may even require you to buy new tickets."
From D Witt: "I've heard that you can sometimes get a free upgrade to first class. How?"
When you're away from home, you've got to lay your head somewhere. So we want to know, where's your favorite place to stay?

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