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Waterside escapes dominate this week's deals, with savings on trips to Belize, Curacao, Bermuda, San Diego, and Costa Rica.
A simple guide to how any two adults -- no matter their orientation -- can get married in 6 states, one district, and one Native American nation.
When Enterprise rents our reader a car, there's damage to the fender. No worries, says the agency. But a few days after she returns the car, she's being asked to pay for the dent. What now?
Despite the violent attacks by a religious fundamentalist, Oslo is open to visitors and operating almost as normal as usual.
Whether you're sitting at a sidewalk café or enjoying an impromptu picnic, food always seems to taste better when you're eating outside.
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Island of Lampedusa, Sicily Island of Lampedusa, Sicily
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Reader's Voice
From artofanime: "My spouse has been to Italy before. This time around, she wants to visit the countryside. As for myself, I've never been to Italy so suggestions would be most welcome."
From Mlowenbaum: "My girlfriend and I are planning on going to Turkey. I don't see us making it back to Turkey, and we'd like suggestions to see the best that Turkey has to offer."
From KRhoades: "My fiancé and I are planning our honeymoon to Argentina. Stuff we want to do: visit Mendoza, see wildlife in Patagonia, see glaciers... We'd love guidance from the experts."
From DesperateMom: "In a martini-induced moment of generosity, I promised my daughter we'd go to Paris for her 16th b-day. Any suggestions on a nice place to stay without breaking the bank?"

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