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Though travel to Hawaii has picked up tremendously and is back to near the levels of pre-9/11, bargains are still to be had. And what deals they are! From an extraordinary vacation out of New York to a roster of free meals, activities and savings of $120 to $160 per couple, now is the time to say "Aloha!"
It just doesn't get any better value than this. As the weather starts turning cooler at home, why not warm up during a fall getaway to exotic Fiji? Not just for honeymooners, this 333-island paradise is also a haven for diving, surfing, game fishing, kayaking and sailing. Alternatively, you can do absolutely nothing on some of the most sensational white sand beaches in the world. Located a mere 12 hours from Los Angeles, Fiji has long had the reputation of being the ultimate Pacific paradise.
Inexpensive travel this fall is looking better and better for you early bookers, with major carriers jockeying for customers like taxis at last call.
Just around the corner, there's a big something for everyone down in the Caribbean, including a huge promotion from the US Virgin Islands -- including women-only outings -- and short but cheap Jamaican getaways.
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From Brian Keefer: "In May I travelled from Omaha, NE to Davis, CA and then returned to Kansas City, MO from LA. This was my first long distance train trip. My 5 year old son accompanied me in a standard sleeper. The sleeper was not cheap, but when I compared it to driving to California and the hotel rooms and meals that I would purchase on the way out there and back, I found that rail travel was only slightly more expensive. The first time that you see the fare it seems like a lot."
From Ted Marcus: "If you're at all interested in solo travel, you probably can't avoid noticing that the few books on this subject are written by and for women. Similarly, almost all guidebooks (including Frommer's) that address this subject invariably do so under the heading 'For Women Traveling Alone.' Since I'm a man who often travels alone (by default rather than preference), that leads me to wonder whether I'm alone in more than one sense: Why doesn't anyone write about men traveling alone?"
From j hfot: "Does anyone know of a lightweight, wheeled carry-on that expands (to accomodate, say, that overcoat you needed to wear to O'Hare but don't need in Delhi, but will need in Japan on the way back)? We are at the time of life to move from backpacks to wheeled carry-on luggage. Since there are very clear standard dimensions for allowable carry-on luggage (22" x 14" x 9"), and since it would seem clear that the lightest luggage is the most desireable, you'd think it would be a simple matter for manufacturers to produce something ultra-lightweight in the right size. So far as we can tell, they don't."
From joseph raymond: "We have just been on a terrific week-long trip which was entertaining, relaxing and educational. I thought I would share it with you, to share with others. In brief, this is a tiny tour company in the desert South West."
From Lynn Mills: "I would like to plan an upscale trip to South Africa including a few nights in Cape Town and several nights on a safari. Are there some tour companies that cater more to those who want more luxuruious accommodations, or do all tour companies offer a variety of accommodations as options? I hear nice things about a place called Singita. Are there others equally as nice but for less $? I've heard such horrible things about the long flight, it sounds like this might be a good time to splurge for Business Class on a flight. Any options on how the Business Class section is on various airlines into Cape Town or Johannesburg?"

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