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New Orleans, Louisiana is hot all the time. Whether it's the blazing sun beating down hard all summer long, the cayenne pepper spicing up those Cajun delicacies or those hot nights in the French Quarter, you're guaranteed something with a kick is coming your way.
The concept of working on vacation may seem quite strange to many people, yet an opportunity to become truly immersed in the agricultural life of a region by volunteering to assist with the grape harvest can be a memorable and unique cultural experience.
We've found a decent airfare sale and an even better-priced package to help cut the cost to trips to land of the kiwis.
Boston looks great. It has a new landmark bridge that's part of a new highway system, a sparkling-clean harbor, and a constantly evolving street pattern that shows off random sections of downtown -- whether you want to see them or not. Here's a look at some other developments.
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Kaitlyn: "My husband and I just got back from our honeymoon in London and Paris. We just wanted to warn others about booking your honeymoon, or anything in Europe or elsewhere, through Expedia. We kept calling Expedia prior to our trip to make sure our hotels were booked, and we kept telling them it was our honeymoon. My mother who is a travel agent also called to confirm our hotels."
From Carleton Dickensheets: "Someone wrote in suggesting that you take Whisk tablets to use in the laundromats in Europe since soap from the dispensers was expensive. I never found that to be the case, but sometimes, I've had trouble understanding what the products were and how to work a dispenser. I contacted Colgate, manufacturer of Whisk, and they told me that they don't make such tablets. Does anyone know what company does make such tablets and where they might be purchased?"
From jamesclaiborne: "Why does everybody -- including Frommer's -- list the cost of airline tickets without including taxes and fees, which often double the posted 'cost' of ticket?? Why not just inlcude all that has to be paid in the posted ticket price? It would make it much easier to put together a trip budget."
From oester: "I am going to be in Austin for a 6 week temporary assignment. Looking for some dinig suggestions. I'd prefer ones that have more regional dishes - Southwestern, Tex-Mex, Mexican, BBQ. Suggestions?"
From djb5718: "We want to go to Oaxaca for Day of the Dead and arrange for one or several guided tours. I'm looking for recommendations for a guide or tour company that will offer a respectful, authentic, small group experience. I've seen some great descriptions of cemetery visits that were part of a week-long fully escorted tour, but we'd rather be on our own most of the trip and just do some day tours."

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