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A driving tour of Tuscany, a game-park getaway in Botswana, and three more special offers to destinations around the world.
Our reader books seven tickets on Icelandair's website. Then it bills her twice before canceling her tickets. Rebooking costs $700 and there's still a $6,897 charge on her credit card. What now?
Those tragic injuries resulting from air turbulence underscore the need to keep your seat belt on at all times.
What will it cost you to travel now? Here's what you'll pay for a movie in Montserrat, a beer in Baltimore, a bed in Nice, and more travel essentials around the world.
Excess valuation can come in handy when you're flying with valuables. Never heard of this? The airline isn't likely to tell you about it unless you ask. So let us explain.
Reader's Voice
From jl95: "I have read that when entering Egypt through Taba you can only obtain a visa for the Sinai Peninsula. Since I am flying to Cairo does anyone know if I can obtain a visa for the day then?"
From nikkijoy4: "I'm backpacking solo and am on a very tight budget, and I'm completely overwhelmed with all of the amazing-sounding things there are to see and do there.I would love some advice on what in Queensland is a must-see or do."
From Silverback: "If we take in the usual cities like Florence, Milan and Venice, but taking it easy getting there (we'll have 10 full days left) and be able to stay off the main roads if necessary, can anyone recommend scenic or interesting routes we could take ?"
From shan36: "I am thinking of surprising my husband with an Israel trip for his birthday in early December (7 full days). I want to spend most of our time in Jerusalem, but would love to do a trip down to Petra. Any advice?"
From Rox66: "I'm looking for a nice town to stay in between the airport and Ingonish. We're staying in Ingonish the day after we arrive in Nova Scotia but would like to see some sights the first day we arrive."

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Home > Deals & News > Frommers.com Newsletters